From GCVC Newsletter: May 2012

Mention of the charity hill climb above brings me neatly onto the subject of my latest project (mad cap idea!), As some of you know Ruben has not been very well of late, but is now on the road to a what should be a full recovery.

Anyway, the IDC have been on at him to clear out his field, that and mindless idiots had been stealing and vandalising the vehicles on that site, including a 1993 Rover 820 Vitesse Turbo that he had purchase from a dealer at the NEC in 2005, sadly time had taken it’s toll on the paintwork and the brakes and sub frame. As many of you know I have a soft spot for big rovers and, as the car was most likely heading for scrap, I chanced my arm and asked Ruben if I could take it off his hands to enter into the charity hill climb at the end of June.

Ruben kindly agreed, and gave me the Rover!

Many years sat in the field had meant that the car had sunk somewhat into the ground, I tried to tow it out using my gutless Freelander, but the old barge would not move from its shallow grave, so I fitted a new battery and after a few turns of the key, K901 NGO finally spluttered into life, determined to move the car before any more vandals got to it, I decided to use the same method I did when extracting Agro the Allegro from the self same location, in other words I gunned it and the car lurched forward towards freedom!

Once I got it back home I put the car up on axel stands and took the wheels off, the brakes are in a shocking state, ironically they were all new back in 2004, so after some gentle violence and copious amounts of brake cleaner, and elbow grease, it turned out that they are not as bad as they seem, the same goes for the sub frame, which is starting to clean up.

Soon I had ordered a new/old rear door window from a breakers yard, and this was fitted the other weekend, I have since ordered new servicing items from Rimmer Brothers, and intend to change plugs and oil and filter before giving the beast a good shake down to see what else needs doing before I take it up the hill.mr_rover6

From GCVC Newsletter: August 2014

The hill climb was the highlight of the weekend, this time Rusty had been upgraded with an adjustable turbo boost valve, on the first run this didn’t work at all and the car nearly conked out as it was loosing turbo pressure by the bucket, once some adjustments had been carried out he was lumbering up the hill in true barge like fashion, Steve somehow managed a 45.something and I did a 46.something (sorry can’t find the results) but I was nearly three seconds faster than my best time from last year! And the car didn’t use or loose any oil or water, having said that it is now dripping a bit of power steering fluid, but a small price to pay! Anyway the event exceeded its target of £40.000 and plans are now afoot for the next great adventure. Will Rusty take part? I hope so, but both owner and car need to shed some weight by 2014 to better our chances.mr_rover4

Charity Sprint at Vazon

Sadly Rusty very much fell apart after all that, which was a shame as it was not a bad old car..wish I still had it t
o be honest.