Back in September I was classic carless after selling my Saab 99GL and lacking funds to buying a proper classic I decided to look for some old hack to tart up a bit and possibly make a few ponds to substitute my  meagre income. Having a snoop around one of the islands 2nd hand car dealers and I spotted a very unloved MG ZS 180 V6 sat in a corner, its paint fading and turning from yellow to slimy green with an manner of insect life (earwigs, spiders) having taken up residence. On the plus side it was all there and looked solid. I took pity on the old thing and inquired how much they wanted. £100 came the reply and get it off our forecourt.  I fitted a fresh battery and having established it was a runner I drove it home the next day. After a friend of mine gave it a hot pressure wash and blasted the ear wigs out from the under the boot lid  it didn’t look half as bad as I thought it was. in the following weeks and months i’ve cleaned up the brakes, changed the oil and filters and the car is running sweet with no overheating issues normally associated with the KV6 engine. So what to do now? get ti looking a bit tidier and enjoy it for a while as the grunt it delivers when you hit the loud pedal is quite addictive..just need to remember to keep it below 35mph!

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